Since 1993, Phifer Financial Services has been helping "Educate the Educator" through understanding the areas of income protection, life insurance, and savings through pension planning. We take great pride in the experience our team has with the education marketplace. Many of our representatives are current or retired educators, some with over 30 years in teaching or administration. These individuals, combined with our experienced financial services representatives, provide a depth and width of knowledge to assist our clients.

Important Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • How are you protecting your income?
         Most Board of Education employees are NOT eligible for New Jersey state disability insurance. When your sick days are used            and you have no disability insurance, you may have NO income!

         As a Board of Education employee, if you get sick or injured and have no income, how will you pay your bills? Would you be able          to pay your health insurance premiums? At Phifer Financial Services, we offer disability plans that will protect your salary in case          of sickness, injury, accident, and normal pregnancy.

  • Do you have enough life insurance?

          Most financial professionals recommend 8-10x your annual income in life insurance. Educators have 3.5x their annual income in            life insurance from the TPAF as a benefit. Phifer Financial Services will help you determine how much is enough to protect your          family.

  • Are you saving for retirement?

     How much income will you receive from your pension? Phifer Financial Services will help you establish your pension income and how much in savings is needed to supplement the pension to meet your goals. We can also help you reduce taxes on your retirement income.

  • Have you looked at Long Term Care insurance options?
            We provide standalone long term care policies or long term care riders on your life insurance policy. A long term care rider on your life insurance policy can help minimize unexpected financial strain by accessing your life insurance benefit while living.

Phifer Financial Services can help you with your disability, life, and long term care insurance needs.  We can also help you plan for an independent retirement through a structured savings plan and pension planning.

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